Work with the Dufrene Group – The Short Sale Experts of the Hilton Head/Bluffton Area

At the Dufrene Group, we specialize in selling short sale homes…and fast. It is our job to make things as easy as possible for the seller and buyer, and our experience with the short sale market in the Bluffton and Hilton Head Island area helps us efficiently and effectively get the job done to avoid foreclosure.

What is a Short Sale?

The term short sale is used when the homeowner has failed to make their scheduled mortgage payments and becomes delinquent with the bank. The homeowner must sell the home because they can no longer afford the payments, but unfortunately, they owe more on the home than it is worth.

To avoid foreclosure, the bank requires the homeowner list their home for sale with a Realtor, and the short sale process begins. At this time, the Realtor will determine the current market value of the home and list it for sale at that price.

Once the Realtor has a sales contract on the property, the bank then considers the offer, and will either accept the offer or make a counter offer for the sale of the house, depending on how much is owed on the home and the changing housing market.

You Need an Experience Realtor in Bluffton to Assist with Your Short Sale

If you are selling a home that is a short sale, it is crucial that you have an experienced team working for you to swiftly and expertly negotiate the sale for you to avoid foreclosure.  Dealing with a Realtor who lacks experience in successfully negotiating a short sale will result in difficulty closing on the property as well as wasted time and money for everyone involved.

The Dufrene Group has extensive experience in dealing with banks and mortgage companies, as well as the unique forms, required documents, and the extra communication efforts that are needed to get the job done. Contact us today to discuss your short sale and rest assured you are in good hands with the Dufrene Group.